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Code of Conduct

Our "Code of Conduct" is listed under the following headings:

  • The working Environment conditions
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmentally friendly production

General terms:

The factories shall operate in compliance with the Bangladesh laws and regulations and in compliance with our "Code of Conduct".

The factories shall treat people with respect and dignity and the environment with respect and consideration.

The factories activities must comply with all the relevant and applicable laws and regulations of Bangladesh including those concerning the workforce, its welfare and safety and working environment.

All employees have been informed of our "Code of Conduct"

The working environment conditions.

The factories shall insure that working area have adequate air circulation, the area must be fitted with windows that can be open and have sufficient fans.

The employees should have sufficient access to drinking water and toilet facilities. Sanitary conditions should be satisfactory and clean.

The factories shall constantly increase safety in production by ensuring sufficient light in the area used for cutting, sewing, pressing and packing activities.

The machines used should be equipped with operational safety devices to be inspected and maintained regularly.

The factories shall ensure the health of the employees partly by complying with the Bangladesh law and partly by protecting the employees against the risks involved in performance their work.

The factories shall provide safe working conditions for all employees and will not subject them to dangerous working practices. The protective equipment are made available free of charge.

The factories shall register the occurrence of accidents at work. These statistics are to be kept with the person responsible for production.

The factories shall have at least one well-stocked first aid kit in each production unit and shall select and train a numbers of employees to take on the responsibility of giving first aid.

The factories shall consider the safety of the employees by constantly making sure that passages, stairways and exits are unobstructed to facilitate any emergency evacuation. At no time should clothes, raw materials, mechanical parts or the like be placed in passages, stairways or near the exits.

The factories shall – for instance in yellow – clearly indicate where the escape routes are located.

The main exits must not be locked during working hours.

Fire alarms should be placed in each production unit along with fire extinguishers that are regularly checked and maintained.

A fire drill is to be held at least once a year.

The factories shall store dangerous and/or toxic substances safety in locations that are adequately ventilated and ensure that handling of these materials is safe. Waste from use of dangerous and/or toxic substances should be treated in according with Bangladesh law